5 Critical Aspects of Buying a Used Car

There are those who will say it’s a brave man that purchases a second-hand vehicle and in some ways, that might be true. A modern car is a very complex piece of kit, with an average of 30,000 components that work in harmony, and if someone else has been driving the car for 3-4 years, how could you possibly know if the car has been regularly serviced? The previous owner may have driven the car like he just robbed a bank and we’re not talking pocket change here!

Here are 5 crucial aspects when investing in a used car.

  1. Warranty – If you buy from a private seller, you have zero warranty; ‘sold as seen’ is the term used, yet a dealer will issue a fair warranty on the vehicle. Luckily, there are used cars in Canberra that come with a comprehensive warranty, as the dealer thoroughly inspects the car and carries out any necessary work prior to putting the car on the forecourt.
  2. Service History – All is revealed in the rear section of the owner’s manual and you simply must take a look at this section. The garage that carried out service work would rubber stamp the corresponding box, which certifies that the work was carried out.
  3. Roadworthiness – Your life depends on this and if you know little about the inner workings of a car, ask a mechanic to give the car a thorough inspection. If, on the other hand, you buy from a reputable dealer, you can be sure that the vehicle is in very good condition.
  4. Value for Money – It is oh so easy to pay more than the car is worth, so do a little research (the Internet is your best friend) and compare a similar car to the price you’ve been given. Used cars are valued according to; the year of manufacture, the overall condition and the mileage. If you know all 3, then you can easily find out the trade price for any vehicle.
  5. Economics – First there is the running costs; how many kms per litre of fuel? How big is the engine? Are spare parts readily available? If you can afford to run the car, think about servicing & maintenance – could you afford to replace that turbocharger? The other aspect is the cost and if you are financing the purchase, can you afford to make the monthly payments?

If you approach this with some care, you can all but eliminate the chances of buying a dud and buying from a local dealer is the safest way to ensure you get a good deal.

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