Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance helps you to have safe and reliable transportation and prevents major repair costs. These tips will help you guide through the basic checklists and other important components of your vehicle.

Engine oil

All engines rely on oil to function perfectly, without it your vehicle won’t be able to operate. The amount of oil usage in the car depends on engine size, larger engines tend to use more oil. Adding too much oil or too little will cause the engine problems.

Air filter

It very important to keep dust and debris from collecting inside the engine. If the air filter gets clogged up it will increasingly restrict the amount of air flow in the system and the result is a drop in engine performance. If you ere looking for professional maintenance service, we highly recommend finding a car garage in Harrow for the best deal and affordable prices.

Spark plugs

Without these, you could not start the vehicle, spark plugs play a major role in the engine combustion system. The spark plug sits at the top of the cylinder head to ignite air and fuel mixture together. Using high quality spark plugs will give you longer durability and better performance.

Brake pads

The brakes are the reason your car is able to stop, it very important to get the brake pads checked before you plan any trip. If the brake pads wear out without new replacements, it could cause malfunction to the brake system. Driving while the brakes are not working properly could be dangerous for you and the passengers.

These are the basic car maintenance tips you can follow, always maintenance your vehicle regularly for safety and long-term durability.


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