Useful Tips for Sourcing a Reputable Crane Hire Company

No matter what industry you work in, you must always find the best services when you outsource jobs or hire equipment. When looking for a crane hire operator, you should always work with the best contractor around. But this is not always easy to do as not all crane hire companies were created equal. To help you find a reputable crane hire business, we have identified what characteristics you should look for.

Verify it Yourself

Instead of trusting a company and believing everything you read on their website, why not visit their premises, and see what kind of business they are running. You will learn a lot from a site visit as it will allow you to see a crane hire company in operation.

When choosing crane hire companies in Perth, it is important to visit their site to see the scale of their operation. While you are there, make sure to inspect some of their equipment. Although you are not an expert, you will still be able to see if they are well-maintained.


When you visit a crane hire company, make sure they have the right cranes for rent. Some will say they have all kinds of products but when you visit the company, they rely heavily on sub-hires which does not help the customer. Ask them about the ownership of their cranes and see if they sub-hire equipment. If you need more than one crane, you cannot be dependent on a company who relies heavily on sub-hires.

Rapid Response

When choosing a crane hire company, try to find out about their customer service. If you know anyone who has dealt with them before, they should be able to provide you with some useful information about the rental company.

If the crane stops working in the middle of an important project, you want to know that the crane hire company will be on hand to quickly repair or replace the equipment. They should have a highly trained service team that respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. They must be able to keep downtime to a minimum.

Finding a crane hire company is not difficult but sourcing a company you can depend on is more of a challenge. When choosing a crane hire business, talk to contacts in the construction sector and see if they can recommend a good team. Use the tips listed above and do plenty of research when picking a company.

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